Oct. 2nd, 2010 11:04 pm
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I am in Heidelberg! Honestly, I feel a bit like I'm on holiday at moment rather than living here now, but I'm sure that will pass, particularly once I start work!

My department are great and they give me accommodation for the first six weeks so that I can find somewhere to live while I am here instead of having to do it from a distance over the internet. And the accommodation they have given me is great. I had to pick up the key from another nearby department so my taxi from the airport dropped me off in the middle of the main university campus and I was surrounded by buildings and had no idea which one was the one I needed. I was debating which to try first when a man walked by so I asked him which was the Max-Planck-mediwhatsit-somethingsomething and it turned out he was the guy I needed to see about keys! So he told me to wait where I was (excellent for me as I had two Very Large and Very Heavy suitcases) and he went and fetched my keys and even gave me a lift to the apartment building. It wasn't far but would have been a nightmare with my suitcases so I was very grateful. My apartment is on the third floor and my heart sank a little when I found out - all those stairs.... only it turns out there is a lift!

The apartment is great - I even have a balcony; it's not huge but has a table and a couple of chairs. One wall of the bedroom is all window and has a door out onto the balcony, and I can also get onto the balcony from the main room. The main room is open plan and nice and light with a sofa and coffee table, dining table with four chairs, a desk, a tv and some bookshelves. The only slightly downside is the TINY kitchen which only has two hot plates. I did find an oven in a slightly larger communal kitchen down the hall though, so that will do. It will certainly do me very nicely indeed for the next six weeks (or less if I find a flat sooner) and I would be very happy to find something similar, only with a larger kitchen!
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