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My day started with more fun and games with the buses. My journey to work involves a tram journey to the centre of town and then a bus journey up the hill. The trams run every 10 minutes, that particular bus runs once an hour. I got to the tram stop at 8:35, in plenty of time for the 8:39 tram. I know the time because I realized I had left my phone at home and wondered if I had time to up back and get it. I decided I didn't. Well, the bus never showed up. I know from last week that the 8:49 tram gets in too late to get the 9:00 bus to the department (and that's when it's on time, which it wasn't today). When it became obvious that I was going to miss the 9:00 bus up the hill, I went back to get my phone and then headed to Bismarckplatz early to be sure to get the 10:00 bus. Not that it really mattered if I got that one or not. There was a meeting at 9:45 that I wanted to go it that was already out of the question.

While waiting for the bus up the hill, I went to the pharmacy where I made the unhappy discovery that the Germans do not believe in the magical powers of lemsip :( Indeed, they do not sell decongestants over the counter at all - I was given some herbal tablets instead. So I will have to stockpile the next time I am in the UK.

The rest of my day was not that productive; mostly because I was so tired as I hadn't slept the night before (thanks, sinuses). I did have a German lesson though, which was good. And I had a good evening as I met a friend for dinner, who I know through both astronomy and dancing - it was great to see her and she gave me lots of advice on number of issues; about the university, about living in Germany and about dancing :)


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