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The pros:
- today is a truly glorious day, it is like the middle of summer here, not the beginning of October. Having left England yesterday in heavy rain, this makes a nice change! I went out for a walk earlier in tights and boots (in which I was far too hot) and a jumper, jacket and scarf (all of which were quickly removed as I started walking). And even when I was sitting outside in a cafe to have a quick lunch, I was happy in just a t-shirt. It's very nice of Heidelberg to put on such a fabulous display of weather to welcome me here :)
- I found a lovely little cafe in the middle of a square of lunch - both the food and the coffee were excellent, and it wasn't very expensive either!

The cons:
- nothing is open on a sunday. I had been forewarned about this, but hadn't thought about it when I made my travel plans. In hindsight, arriving late saturday was not the best plan ever, as all the shops were shut by the time I arrived, and won't open until tomorrow. Oh, there are cafes and restaurants aplenty, so I shan't starve, but I can't go and buy ingredients to make my own food. I wondered if maybe things would be open later in the station so I walked out there last night, but no joy. I did find a McDonald's though, so I had a coffee and bought a muffin for today's breakfast. I also saw a sign for a Lidl on my walk back and I wondered if they might be open on sundays, I wasn't too hopeful but thought it might be worth checking - their website said yes. The stores themselves said no. I went to two Lidl's, neither *that* far away from where I am - maybe half a mile? - but in opposite directions, but both were closed! Great website there. So that was a two and a half mile round trip all told, and I still have no food!


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