Oct. 12th, 2010 09:54 pm
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I spent this morning in bed. My cold is really not that bad, I've had worse, but I slept maybe an hour last night - my sinuses were so blocked I couldn't breathe and that meant I couldn't sleep and that meant I felt pretty awful this morning. And then there was no point in going in to the department once I was finally up and moving, as I had to leave early to go to a flat viewing and I would have spent more time travelling to the department and having lunch than I would have actually working. And I can read papers at home just as well as at my desk anyway.

The flat I saw was amazing. I loved it! It's perfect for me. It's a two-room apartment on the first floor (or second floor if you're from the US), the living room is at the back with a balcony that looks over a garden and the bedroom is at the front with another small balcony that looks out over the street - can't see myself using that one so much as it is a) small and b) looks over the street, but it'll be nice to have the air flow in the summer, I'm sure. Both rooms are a nice size, not too big, but big enough for what I need and fantastically light. The kitchen is a little small, but perfectly adequate, and the bathroom again is small but I don't really need anything more anyway. The flat is 5 minutes walk from two different tram stops (though for the same tram lines) - two trams stop there, the first goes to Bizmarckplatz and Neuenheim (and the market I found on saturday) and the other goes to the main university campus (which is not where my department is but I will undoubtedly go there for talks and meetings occasionally). It's also close to quite a major route into/out of HD, but it's set back a couple of roads so it's nice and quiet. It seemed to be a very quiet street. I really, really loved it.

So, of course, I said to the estate agents that I wanted to take it. The viewing appointment I had was a block booking and I had been lead to believe that these things were done on a first-come, first-served basis so I made sure to arrive at the start of the block (early, in fact!) and I had also dressed smartly so as to make a good impression. Only the estate agent said that there were four other people viewing that afternoon and the decision would ultimately go to the owner. But could he take my photo and get me to fill out a form with my info to send to the owner. Given the picture-taking, I half-wondered if the form would require such gems as my hobbies and my favourite colour, but actually it was the understandable name, contact info, place of work, salary etc etc.

A part of me is a bit wary at the prospect of taking the first place I've looked at, however, while it may be the first I've seen in person, I've done a lot of looking around online. I started all the way back in February when I first accepted the job offer and I wanted to see what sort of things were available and for what sort of prices. And periodically over the intervening time, I have had a little look at some of the property websites occasionally to see what was there. I obviously didn't start looking in earnest until I got here - I knew I would have accommodation sorted for the first 6 weeks, so there was no point in trying to accomplish from a distance what is far easier done in person. So I feel like I do have a fair idea of what else is around.

I really, really hope I get this one, because I loved it. KEEP EVERYTHING CROSSED!


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