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extemporanea ([personal profile] extemporanea) wrote2010-10-06 11:27 pm
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I went to a salsa club this evening, which means that I managed to survive for four whole days in Heidelberg without dancing.

It turns out that I have really great officemates - Tatiana I met on Monday when I was shown to my office but Max wasn't in. And then yesterday I wasn't in. Finally, today I met Max. They're both nice people; friendly and very willing to help the new person settle in and both fairly quiet when working, which suits me. What really sealed it though, is when I came back after lunch to find them dancing in the middle of the office. Doing a little salsa practice for tonight, they said. Of course, at the mere mention of dancing I got very excited and said that I was a dancer and had done a bit of salsa in the past. It turns out that there is a bar/restaurant just off Bizmarckplatz that has a back room with a dance floor and every wednesday night they have a salsa night. Max and Tatiana, and a few others, go along every week and they invited me to go along with them. Now it's been an incredibly busy week already and I was feeling rather exhausted - and it was only halfway through - so I said thank you for the offer and that I was interested but would probably be too tired. And I honestly didn't expect I'd go. But tired as I was, the chance to dance was just too good to pass up, so I went. Kinda surprised myself with that one, but I'm so glad I did.

The club was great - the floor wasn't huge and it was pretty busy, but it wasn't completely crushed; the music was loud but not so loud that it gave me a headache and I could still chat to people, though you still had to be quite close to someone to talk properly. And the floor was a bit sticky in places, but mostly it was okay. And there was dancing :) I didn't really how much I needed to dance! I really enjoyed it. Max was pretty good, though I sometimes found his style a little too relaxed for me and he was sometimes a bit hard to follow (I am the opposite in that I tend to be too tense when I do salsa as a result of all the latin I've done). He also does rueda (it gets better!) so he revised some basic rueda with me too and told me about a rueda class on sundays - I might have to check that out. There was also another guy from the MPIA there, and he was very good - he had a very clear lead and was so easy to follow, and he had obviously done a lot of salsa so he made me do all sorts of things, it was really good fun.

So I had a really good night!