Oct. 9th, 2010

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Today was a good day. I had seen an apartment online and I wanted to find out if I could see it today, so I went to the address on the estate agents website. I didn't find it - I assume it must have been the private address of the owner or something because it was a residential and not commercial area. But it wasn't a wasted trip by any means! Firstly I was up by Philosophenweg, which I have never been along before, despite having been here twice as a tourist. It's really beautiful so I had a lovely time wandering along; I was amazed at the size of the houses though, they were huge.

The best thing though, was a discovery I made on my way there. There's a little square about ten minutes away where a couple of nearby restaurants have put out chairs - I been there a couple of times for lunch and coffee. It's very pretty and the food is good. Today there were no chairs and tables. Instead the square was filled with stalls of fruit and veg and meat and cheese and flowers.

I didn't want to carry everything around with me all morning so I didn't stop, but I deliberately went past on my way back. I found a fantastic Austrian stall selling meat and cheese, and the owner was very friendly and patient with my non-existent German; and his food was amazing, I shall definitely be going back next week. I also bought some delicious peaches and strawberries - I enjoyed my lunch!

And my day was made better still by the fact that I finally got a mobile here. If it were merely a phone, then this would be unremarkable save for the fact that it is another thing to cross off my (very long) list of things to do.... But it is not just a random phone; it is an iPhone and I am very much in love! I have wanted one for ages but there wasn't much sense in getting one in the UK as I knew I would be leaving and they are expensive to jailbreak. And I didn't want to buy one twice! So I am a very happy girl :)


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